Master of Science in Nursing

The Graduate Department of the School of Nursing offers a program of study leading to a Master of Science in Nursing with ample possibilities of nursing tracks and roles according to the requested demand.

The program is developed with an option to achieve the degree in two years during daytime or three years during evening hours. A variety of educational methods including: lectures, group discussions, clinical practice and computer technology applied to literature search, are used.


Expected learning outcomes for MSN students:

a. Competent Practitioner:

Graduates of the MSN Program demonstrate behavior as competent professionals through:

  1. The application of a body of knowledge
  2. Performance of advanced estimates
  3. Advanced skills to provide direct client services
  4. Leadership skills
  5. The application of ethical principles and multicultural knowledge
  6. Communication skills and collaborative / interdependent relationships.

b. Research skills:

Graduates MSN Program students demonstrate research skills through the following behaviors:

  1. Ability to analyze and carry out research publications critique
  2. Using the results of investigations in practice
  3. Active participation in the design and execution of research or evidence based projects
  4. Dissemination of research findings at different levels.

c. Critical thinking:

Graduates MSN Program students demonstrate critical thinking skills through the following behaviors:

  1. Application of theories and models of problem solving and decision making where appropriate
  2. Application of inductive and deductive reasoning for decision-making
  3. Objective self-assessment of professional practice
  4. Creative problem solving

Professional Profile

Graduates of this program demonstrate:

  1. Professional competence
  2. Leadership
  3. Critical thinking and judgment
  4. Ability to investigate
  5. Art of offering specialized services in nursing
  6. Ethics and Values of the highest quality.
% Graduation 2015-2016 52%
% Retention 2015-2016 82%

Academic Offers

Functional Role:

  • Educator in Nursing
  • Manager Nursing Services

 Clinical Tracts *:

  • Maternal cycle
  • Child Care and Adolescents
  • Adult Care
  • Elder Care
  • Family and Community
  • Mental Health and Psychiatry I and II
  • Critical Care I and II (requires one year of experience in critical care scenario)

* The availability of tracts is subject to student demands. Students are required to choose 2 tracts

Admission Criteria

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing from an accredited program: ACEN (previously NLNAC) or CCNE (Submit official BSN transcript)
  • Statistics course at the undergraduate level (three credits)
  • Report of EXADEP or GRE taken during the past five years.
  • Current Nurse Generalist license.
  • Evidence of current membership of the Puerto Rico College of Nursing Professionals

Additional Admission Requirements

To be considered a candidate for admission:

Obtain 55% or more as a result of the sum of the following criteria:

  • Academic General Index: 20%
  • Specific Academic Index: 25%
  • EXADEP or GRE score: 25%
  • Interview with Faculty of Graduate Program: 20%
  • Analytical Essay of a Nursing article: 5%
  • Curriculum Vitae: 5%

Complete the Electronic Application for Admission to the Medical Sciences Campus . To complete the curriculum vitae press here . Please access the link to information about the deadline for admission.

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