Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS)

As a research-focused program, the Doctorate in Nursing Science prepares students in the intellectual inquiry competencies to conduct research independently for the purpose of expanding nursing knowledge and improving their practice.

Objectives of the Program

The nursing candidate who completes this program will acquire substantive, meaningful knowledge and skills to:

  1. Evaluate theories in order to promote the expansion of the theoretical bases of nursing practice models.
  2. Conduct research studies that reflect the commitment to the logical, ethical and epistemological dimensions that contribute to the development of knowledge for the advancement of nursing discipline and intervention models.
  3. Exercise leadership as a researcher in the generation and application of new knowledge to advance the profession and contribute to the practice of evidence-based nursing.
  4. Work in collaboration with other health professionals, as well as professionals from other disciplines, in culturally relevant research projects.
  5. Develop public policy projects, based on scientific evidence and oriented to address problems related to the provision of services in the work, government, professional and community settings.
  6. Use scientific inquiry for problem solving and decision-making on disputes related to discipline practice